Activiteiten in juli

Deze maand staat in het teken van Deir el-Medina, met lezingen en workshops rond dit thema georganiseerd door stichting Huis van Horus.

Zelf zou ik een virtuele rondleiding geven door Thebe aan de hand van het spel Assassin’s Creed Origins, en een workshop schilderen met zelfgemaakte pigmenten. Helaas heb ik om persoonlijke redenen moeten afzeggen. Mijn vader ligt momenteel in het ziekenhuis en dit is een grote zorg. Daarom ben ik ook teruggekeerd naar Nederland. Wel probeer ik deze website bij te houden en binnenkort weer wat werk aan mijn PhD te doen.

Geniet u vooral van de activiteiten die nog virtueel plaatsvinden deze maand:

Heel juli

Deir el-Medina Maand bij Huis van Horus
De diverse activiteiten zijn ook los te boeken.

Meer informatie en aanmelden

Dinsdag 6 juli, 12.00 uur

Picnicking on the Pyramid
Chris Elliott

Do it nowadays, and you face arrest. But once, climbing the Great Pyramid was not just something you could do, but something seemingly everyone did. Join Dr Chris Elliott as he explores how you did it, how the so-called Pyramid Arabs made it possible, how much it cost, how long it took, and what you did at the top, including what has been described as autonymolithography. Learn about the celebrities who have climbed it, from Egyptologists and authors to royalty, how long ago people started climbing it, and whether it was the only pyramid people climbed.


Zaterdag 10 juli

Between Africa and Asia: New research from the Sinai Peninsula
A study day of the Egypt Exploration Society and the Palestine Exploration Fund

Kosten: £10-25

The Sinai Peninsula forms a geological land bridge between north Africa and western Asia connecting the diverse cultures existing there for thousands of years. However, wider understanding of this area and the interconnections it facilitated are often overlooked. This online study day, organised in partnership by the Egypt Exploration Society and the Palestine Exploration Fund, will consider some of the latest research into the archaeology and history of this unique landscape from its position as a frontier zone, as a melting pot for early Christianity, through to its late antiquity and subsequent historical exploration and mapping.


9-11 juli

SÄK conferentie aan de JGU Mainz

Kosten: €10

Was bedeutet Ägyptologie im Jahre 2021? Was sind aktuelle Trends, Herausforderungen, Methoden und Möglichkeiten unseres Faches? Mit dem thematisch offen gewählten Motto Ägyptologie 2021 möchten wir die Ägyptologie in ihrer ganzen Breite und Vielfalt ansprechen. Ägyptologie im Jahr 2021 bedeutet für uns: vielfältige Themen, aktuelle Ergebnisse und nachhaltige Forschung auf allen Karrierestufen. Wir laden daher die Studierenden und Ägyptolog*innen der deutschsprachigen Community herzlich ein, ihre Interessen unabhängig vom Forschungsschwerpunkt und -gegenstand in unterschiedlichen Formaten zu präsentieren und zu diskutieren.


Donderdag 15 juli, 19.00 uur

Renewing Amarna

Dr. Alain-Pierre Zivie discusses the art and history of Amarna, an extensive archaeological site representing the ancient city of Akhetaten. He has been involved with recent extraordinary discoveries such as the tomb of the artist Thutmose, creator of the glorious bust of Queen Nefertiti.

Other key figures to be discussed include Maïa, a prominent lady of the court under Akhenaten and Tutankhamun; Abdiel, a vizier with a Semitic name, who served both Amenhotep III and his son Akhenaten; and Râïay, scribe of the treasury of Aten.


Zaterdag 17 juli

Amarna Fundraiser & Study Day

Kosten: £10

Dr Anna Stevens – Equipping the dead: Perfume cones, pots and pendants
Miriam Bertram, MA – Great Aten Temple
Prof. Gretchen Dabbs – Was there an epidemic at Amarna?
Dr Anna Hodgkinson – Making glass beads at Amarna
Prof. Barry Kemp – City of gold, city of mud: Using one’s imagination at Amarna


Dinsdag 20 juli, 12.00 uur

Sailing through the EES Archives
Ziad Morsy

As a by-product of the outstanding work by both EES staff and volunteers in digitising the Society’s photographic archives, a number of photographs of Nile boats appeared on their Flickr account. Photographing Nile boats or scenery of Egypt was not the primary goal of the different photographers, rather than it was a way of recording the archaeological digs sponsored by the Egypt Exploration Society. This talk will sail through the different albums available in high resolution on Flicker and climb on board of each Nile boat available in the archive, to give a better understanding of the role of these boats on the Nile in Egypt and Sudan. By using comparative analogy and research, this talk will include an introduction of boat types on the Nile during the 19th and 20th centuries, and a trip through the different albums.


Dinsdag 27 juli, 18.00 uur

News from the Temple of Amenhotep III at Kôm el-Hettan
Prof. Hourig Sourouzian

The Colossi of Memnon and Amenhotep III Temple Conservation Project has worked in the Temple of Amenhotep III at Kôm el-Hettan since 1998 under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the German Archaeological Institute. Documentation, reassembly, and display of ruined monuments on the site, as well as further research and publications of the latest discoveries, have been the project’s main activities. This lecture will virtually explore the ancient and modern site, the progress of conservation work, and newly discovered features, with an outlook on the site management and the itinerary of the future visitors.


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